4 Tips To Picking the Best Roofer

Tired of hiring the best roofer that promises a lot yet underdelivers?

Been there!

Picking a roofer is confusing at best and costly at worst. Additionally, most cities and states have hundreds of roofing companies that say the exact same thing. How can someone make a choice when they are all identical?

Plus, there are many aspects that need to be considered. For instance, what is the cost, how long will the project take, can they be trusted when no one is watching, etc.

There are 4 tips every home and building owner should know when deciding on a roofing contractor.

4 Tips To Picking the Best Roofer for Your Residential or Commercial Roof

Before getting into the 4 tips, be aware of the consequences of your choices. Contractors come in two categories: ethical or unethical. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a middle ground. They can do a poor job, leave without a warranty, and never be heard of again. See what happens when this couple chooses the wrong couple.

A poor roof job can leave worse issues than before and cost thousands in repairs. Before choosing, do some research. Also, check your roof so you know the roofing issues at hand. This leads to the first point.

Does The Roofing Contractor Have Good Reviews?

No matter the service, a good company has great reviews. In fact, it takes five minutes to check a business’s Google Reviews. The more reviews, the better. The more five-star reviews they have, the better the company. Also, it doesn’t hurt to ask a roofer if they are willing to provide references. A good contractor’s past clients will jump at the chance.

Are They Local?

Believe it or not, this makes a difference. A phone call is good, but being able to visit a physical location provides accountability. Even if the company isn’t based in your city, it should have some type of physical location.

Also, the closer the roofer, the sooner they get to your building or residence. Building owners shouldn’t have to wait for days before their contractor can fix a problem. 

Are they licensed, bonded, and insured?

This seems like a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many people go with a risky roofer.

Let’s say that a worker falls off the roof and gets injured. It is important that there be workers’ comp insurance in place to pay for medical bills. Not only do workers need to be covered, but the job needs to be covered too. What happens if a contractor leaves the roof in a mess? You want them to pay for that, not you.

Also, is the company even licensed to do the roof? Not only should they have a business license, but they also need a state license. If the roofer isn’t licensed, there is a good chance he or she isn’t bonded and doesn’t have insurance. Dealing with insurance leads to the last point.

Will They Work With Insurance to Cover Storm Damage?

A home or building owner may have storm damage and not even know it. In fact, a good roofing company will have a specialist or two that inspects a roof for storm damage. Not only is it good marketing for the roofing business, but the homeowner or building owner can have his or her roof covered.

Why pay for your roof when you don’t have to?

All of these tips are all related. A good roofing contractor has the steps in place to provide you with great service. Do the research, find a local roofing company, and choose wisely. Your home or office is one of your greatest investments.

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