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Add Years to Your Roof’s Lifespan

IES Roofing Services specializes in the application of modern roof coatings that save property owners thousands of dollars by reducing the need for roof repairs and replacements. Our commercial coatings maximize the productivity, performance, and energy efficiency of flat and sloped roof systems.

How Can Roof Coatings Benefit Your Roof?

Seamless Roof System

Coatings create a monolithic roof system which means the coatings system can take a membrane roof and create a seamless roof system, creating a waterproof seal for your roof and reducing and eliminating leaks.

Energy Efficient

Not only does a coating system negate a tear off, but it also reduces the energy expenditure of a building. Silicone is one great reflective coating that reduces the heat build up on the roof.

Renewable Warranties

Not only do our coatings have up to 20-year warranties, but they may also be extended at the end of the warranties with a simple re-coat. Re-coat needs are minimal because coatings are long lasting and degrade very slowly over time.

Coatings are Ideal for Commercial Properties

Commercial Properties and expansive flat roof systems are ideal surfaces for IES roof coatings. Our roof coatings extend the life of your existing roof coverings, such as modified bitumen (MBR), built-up roofing (BUR), single-ply membranes, spray polyurethane foam, and metal roof substrates. 

Roof Coatings
Roof Coatings

Energy Star Rated & Manufacturer Authorized!

Roof coatings by IES Roofing Services create a highly reflective system which effectively reflects the sun’s heat and its damaging UV radiation. In accordance with the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® program guidelines, our roof coatings assist in lowering roof surface temperatures, decreasing the amount of heat transferred into the building — which in turn provides significant energy savings.

IES roof coatings come with long-term warranties, including 10-year and 15-year labor and material warranties. We are part of our manufacturers’ authorized networks of contractors. We provide competent, worry-free installation, with knowledgeable sales and technical support staff on call during every phase of the project.

What to Expect in a Roof Coating Application

When hiring IES Roofing Services for a long-lasting roof coating job, property owners or building managers can expect the best…

Site Inspection and Assessment

IES will conduct a thorough inspection of the roof to assess its condition, identify any existing issues or damages, and determine the suitability of applying an elastomeric roof coating.

Detailed Proposal

IES provides a detailed written proposal that outlines the scope of work, materials to be used, estimated project timeline, and cost breakdown. It specifies the type and brand of elastomeric coating being proposed.

Surface Preparation

Prior to applying the elastomeric coating, IES Roofing ensures that the roof surface is properly prepared. This may include cleaning the roof to remove dirt, debris, and loose materials, repairing any cracks or damage, and addressing any underlying issues like leaks or weak spots.

Application Method

IES always has a clear plan for the application process. We’ll describe to you the application method we intend to use, whether it’s spraying, rolling, or brushing, and we’ll explain why we believe it is the most suitable approach for the specific roof.

Quality Material

IES is recognized by our manufacturers as a skilled, authorized contractor! We’re able to provide information about the products we plan to use, including their durability, UV resistance, and waterproofing capabilities.

Application Techniques

Professional roof coating contractors have a great deal of expertise in applying coating materials. IES Roofing Services follows proper application techniques–applying the coating evenly and at the prescribed thickness, ensuring sufficient coverage, and paying attention to details such as edges, seams, and penetrations.

Adherence to Manufacturer's Guidelines

IES strictly follows the manufacturer’s guidelines for the specific coating being used. This includes factors like surface preparation, mixing ratios, temperature requirements, and recommended drying and curing times.

Safety Precautions

A responsible contractor prioritizes safety during the application process. IES Roofing takes all necessary precautions to protect workers, occupants, and property.

Cleanliness and Site Management

IES Roofing maintains a clean and organized work area throughout the project. We take measures to prevent coatings from spilling or splattering onto other surfaces, and we clean up any debris or materials once the job is complete.

Warranty and Maintenance

IES Roofing Services provides warranty information for the roof coating and explains any maintenance requirements. We can offer post-application support and are responsive to any concerns or issues that may arise after the project is finished.

IES Roof Coatings Protect Properties from The Southeast’s Harshest Climate Conditions

When Carolina property owners look at ways to extend the life of their roof, IES can show them how effective and affordable roof coatings can be! Contact us for a thorough, honest assessment of your project, a fair estimate, and an excellent value. You can reach our knowledgeable pros at (864) 349-1410,